Barrackville Garbage Service

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Garbage Service Rules & Regulations

As a garbage hauler in the state of West Virginia, Barrackville Garbage Service is regulated by the Public Service Commission (PSC).  The PSC has a set of rules and regulations that we must adhere to. In addition to the regulations from the PSC, we too have rules that we set forth to ensure the health and safety of our employees.

  • Regular weekly trash service is for a single household, unless other arrangements have been made with Barrackville Garbage Service. Do Not allow anyone to put their trash with yours as that is considered a theft of services. If you suspect someone is putting trash with yours please call the office (304-363-1978) so we can address the situation.
  • If you are a customer with special needs, please call the office(304-363-1978) so that we can provide the best service to you.
Trash Bags
  • Limit 5 bags per week
  • Bag weight – NO more than 20 lbs. per bag
  • MUST be securely tied.  NO loose trash will be picked up.
  • Please use a heavy duty bag to prevent rips and tears. Bags left out in the weather quickly weaken causing the bags to rip as they are thrown into the truck.
  • If using thinner bags, please double bag.
  • Account Numbers MUST be on all payments to ensure your payment gets to the right account. Account Numbers can be found in the top right corner of the Coupon payment tickets.
  • Fuel Surcharge – The first payment ticket in you coupon payment book is the fuel surcharge.  It is a percentage that has been determined and approved by the Public Service Commission of West Virginia. This percentage is based on fuel prices from the previous year.  The Fuel surcharge being billed in January 2022 reflects fuel prices from 2021.
  • Late Payments (After the 5th of each month) will be subject to a 10% late fee.
  • Returned checks (NSF) or cancelled credit card/ACH payments will by charged a $25.00 fee.
Medical Waste
  • Must be marked BIOHAZARD
  • Hypodermic needles, syringes, lancets, and other sharp objects must be placed in a hard container with the lid taped closed. (coffee can, laundry soap bottle work well). Do NOT use glass or clear plastic containers.
Miscellaneous Trash
  • Broken Glass – must be placed in a box, sealed closed, and labeled GLASS.
  • Cardboard – There are recycling centers throughout the county where cardboard can be recycled.  If you are unable to recycle cardboard, we can take it. All cardboard must me broken down and either in a bag or tied together.
Recycling Dumpsters
  • Barrackville Post Office – Recycling dumpsters in the parking lot
  • Marion County solid waste authority  – Located in Famington (on Idamay Hill)
  • Please call to schedule a pick up for tires. $2.00 per tire.